Top Web Scraping Use Cases in 2022

May 24, 2022
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Web Scraping Use Cases

With the increased demand for data across the business world, web scraping has become immensely popular. Web scraping helps businesses capture data (like emails, contact numbers, articles, etc.) from web pages and organize it into formats like HTML, Excel, CSV, etc.

Web scraping not only helps businesses find and leverage important information, but also compiles it for further analysis. With its rise in popularity, several web scraping tools have been developed that help in scraping data by automatically crawling several websites. Such tools make compiling data quick and simple without writing a single line of code. Web scraping can make various tasks in your organization  extremely efficient.

The Byteline no-code web scraper saves even more time by easily automating processes across your cloud services. Don’t settle for simply capturing data and dumping it into a sheet or database, when you can leverage that data in other apps and create workflows without the help of a developer. The combination of web scapring and process automation can take your operations to the next level.

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular web scraping use cases.

Web Scraping Use Cases

Market Research

Let’s face it, market research can make or break a business. Furthermore, using web scraping software for market research provides you with essential information about your competitors and products. With data scraping, market researchers find necessary data for businesses like market trends, research and development, price analysis, and competitive information to help create an edge on the market.

Since manually finding such vast data can be a daunting task, implementing web scrapers can automate market research to extract accurate data in real time. 

Finally, web scraping to conduct market research makes collection of data easy and cost-effective.

Lead Generation

No matter what industry you are in, customers are your lifeblood. Therefore, adding more potential customers should be the primary goal for the development of your business. 

Web scraping for lead generation helps businesses find the best and most qualified leads from multiple sources at scale.

For example, business details like industry, company name, contact, email addresses, phone numbers, location, and many more can be scraped from relevant websites like yellow page websites or Google Maps business listings which will further help in lead generation. Web scraping thus, helps compiling critical data for businesses to reach out to their potential customers for marketing purposes. 

Web scraping for lead generation is a need in almost every industry.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is another form of market research. It acquires the ability to collect and analyze data. It is necessary to discover trends and business opportunities by keeping an eye on the market and your competitors’ activities. 

The easiest way for collecting and compiling such data can be done with the help of web scraping. But one should know how to use web scraping to gather competitive data that will help them in tracking information like real-time price, product updates, customer information, reviews, feedback, and many more. There are several web scraping tools that can provide businesses with data quickly and easily from multiple websites. 

Product Pricing Comparison

Increased competition among marketers has made it necessary for businesses to keep an eye on competitor’s pricing strategies. Consumers are constantly trying to find the best product or service at the lowest price. All these factors motivate businesses to conduct product pricing comparison including sales and discount prices, price history, and many more. 

Web scraping and data mining to find product information plays a key role in helping businesses and marketers identify and extract data points from multiple websites and eCommerce stores to make data-driven decisions.

Monitoring Consumer Sentiment

The way consumers feel about a service, product, or brand is very important for all businesses. That’s why measuring customer sentiment is mission-critical for companies to thrive.

 Analyzing reviews and customer feedback helps businesses understand the missing elements in their products or services, and how to make necessary improvements.

There are many software review aggregator websites containing reviews of almost every category and web scraping to collect sentiment analysis from marketplaces like Amazon helps businesses understand customer needs and preferences.

Brand Audits

Branding plays a prominent role in building relationships with the audience. Based on the brand perception, a customer decides whether to use a service or buy products from a particular business. Needless to say, a company with excellent branding becomes highly desirable to consumers.

Brands audits through web scraping social media and review sites reveal the branded products consumers prefer the most, trends in the market, and many more. The information gathered can lead to improvements in products and service, resulting in a stronger brand impression over time.

AI & Machine Learning Data

The quality of machine learning depends upon the accuracy, relevancy, and volume of data extracted to train the model. To make reliable data readily available AI web scraping solutions come into play. Web scraping for machine learning helps data scientists collect the required information to feed their datasets.

Creating a Job Board

A quality job board web scraping tool  is required to create and run a successful job board. Due to the broad-based nature of the most popular job boards, it can be difficult to search for niche positions and new opportunities are posted daily. Focused job boards powered by crawling multiple websites, provide job seekers with relevant employment postings.

Monitoring Investment News & Stock Prices

Investment and stock firms rely on data scraping tools in order to collect investing news and information in real time. Web scraping stock market data helps monitor global economic trends, stock prices, and market moves to inform their investment strategies.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been increasing in popularity as it provides cost-effective methods for businesses to promote their brands. It also helps consumers find products, learn more about them, and compare prices. Web scraping enables affiliate marketers to automate their  content and product research. 

Creating high quality blog and social posts based on trending keywords are critical to an affiliate marketing website. Web scraping helps marketers compile the most relevant keywords and related information, then leverage the data to drive traffic and conversions.

Real Estate Data

The real estate industry has used web scraping for years. Many agents populate their database with properties available for sale or rent using real estate web scraping tools. It also helps them monitor the market for areas where homes are more likely to be listed for sale and be proactive in approaching these homeowners to win more listings for their brokerage. 

Web scraping real estate data can even help finding historical sales as comps when pricing a property that’s about to hit the market. This type of automated data collection eliminates manual work saving time for busy agents who need to be meeting with clients in person and showing homes to prospective buyers.

Sports Betting

Casinos, gambling websites, and other betting organizations use web scraping to easily collect the sports statistics required to accurately create the official betting lines. The most sophisticated oddsmakers also offer new “prop bets” while competitions are happening live. It would be virtually impossible to capture and analyze this type of real-time data manually at the speed required to produce new betting opportunities and increase the number of bets placed.  

Classified Ads Website

A classified ads website is a platform for both buyers and sellers. They not only list products and services from different categories like furniture, clothes, appliances, vehicles, and many more, but they often advertise deals, discounts, and ads.

Individual entrepreneurs can leverages web scraping to collect data from multiple classified ad websites and aggregate that data in their own site to broker sales and earn commissions. The traffic they generate can also be leveraged for ad revenue.

Comparison Shopping Sites

The easiest way to find the best shopping deals is by comparing the price of a product from different sites. Instead of switching shopping sites manually, web scraping tools can be used to find the best price for the same product. A web scraper can also extract essential details like product prices, features, reviews, descriptions, and many more from multiple websites.

This data can be collected into a database, such as Airtable and Infinity, then the product comparisons can be organized and displayed on a website built with popular platforms like Wordpress and Webflow. The aggregator site can earn affiliate commissions and online buyers can easily compare product and pricing information from multiple sellers in one location.

Travel Aggregator Website

Like product comparison sites, one of the most successful online travel business models is an aggregator website. These websites earn revenue through affiliate commissions and contextual advertising. 

There’s no shortage of travel websites where these businesses can scrape a broad range of data such as flights, lodging, auto rental, activities, and more for visitors to compare. The most popular include Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Airbnb, and Additional reviews can also be added from sites like TripAdvisor. Web scraping is the ideal solution for creating a comprehensive and automated travel aggregator website.

Final Words

With enterprises becoming increasingly dependent on data, it’s critical to quickly and easily access the most current and relevant data to achieve their business objectives. Web scraping can play an essential role in automatically capturing and organizing unstructured data. 

There are a number of web scraping use cases and those mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you want to grow your business with market research, generate more leads, or launch an aggregator website, using a proven and reliable web scraper can make your operations more efficient and successful.


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