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Introducing Smart Update!

Create, update & delete records in a single task

Smart Update

Easily export scraped data to other Byteline Integrations e.g. Webflow CMS, Airtable, or Google Spreadsheet

Easily choose matching fields.

Handle multiple records with ease.

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Input sources to Byteline flows

Trigger flows from
Scheduler, Webhooks
& Airtable data changes.

  • Built to Scale - can handle gigabit data in a flow run.
  • Automatically decides whether to insert or update across all supported integrations, such as Airtable, Webflow CMS.
  • Same powerful features across all pricing tiers.

Flow Triggers

In-app updates
On data changes in your apps e.g., for new Webflow CMS items
Schedule flows to run at regular intervals
Trigger a flow through HTTP API


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