Byteline Web Scraper

Scrape data from any website

No coding required

  • Export to Google sheets, Airtable, or any other Byteline integration.
  • Deep Scraping - Scrape further based on the scraped URLs from a website.
  • Robust - easily handles large data and missing data from pages
  • Auto-rotate IPs
  • Dynamic websites or JavaScript powered sites are not a problem.
Easily configure web scraping using Byteline Chrome extension

1. Pick elements

Easily pick elements to scrape using our Chrome extension and then configure them on the Byteline Console.
Web scraper run on Byteline servers

2. Data Scraped

Byteline server scrapes the configured data. Auto-rotates the residential IPs to ensure reliable data scraping.
Export web scraped data using Byteline integrations

3. Export

Export your scraped data to Airtable, Google Sheets, or any of the Byteline integrations.

Easily scrape any data

Web Page:
Coin prices from Coinbase

      "coin":"Ethereum 2",
      "coin":"Binance Coin",

Use Scraped data with any Byteline task

Automate scraping with Byteline Scheduler

In the below example, the scheduler triggers the flow to scrape a web page and push that data to Airtable. However, you can connect Web Scraper to any Byteline task to accomplish your use case.
Scrape web page to Airtable through Byteline

Web Scraper Pricing

Flexible monthly pricing with a free tier.
1 action / 10 fields.
See Byteline Pricing.