Use Case

How to scrape job board to a Knack database?


Here is the Byteline flow used for this use case. You can clone it by following the link
Scrape job board to Knack database

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Byteline flow runs on a scheduler
Byteline flow runs in the cloud at the scheduled time. You can configure the scheduled time based on your requirements.
Scrape job board using Byteline Web Scraper
Jobs are scraped from ZipRecruiter using Byteline's Web scraper and Chrome extension.
Scraped data to Knack database
The scraped data is then exported to a Knack database using Byteline's integration, which automatically handles inserts, updates, and deletes just by configuring a single Knack Update task.

Step by Step Instructions

Byteline step by step blog

Byteline allows you to scrape web pages without putting your coding skills into action. You can then directly export the scraped data to any Byteline integration. In this documentation, we have explained the steps to scrape a job board to a Knack database.

We will be configuring the following three nodes to create the Job Board:

Scheduler Trigger Node - First of all, we’ll have to configure the scheduler node to run the flow at a regular interval of time. 

Web Scraper Node - After that, we’ll need to configure the Web Scraper node to extract data from a webpage. Here, we will scrape data from the ZipRecruiter’s site.  

Knack - Update Records Node - Lastly, we’ll need to configure the Knack node to fetch and store the scraped data for creating a Job Board in your Knack account. 

Let’s get started.

Create Flow
Configure Scheduler
Configuring Web Scraper
Knack - Update Records
Handling Knack records update