Transition HTML to Markdown with No-Code Automation

October 12, 2023
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HTML to Markdown conversion using Byteline's workflow automation

Markdown is an easy-to-use markup language that you can use to create formatted rich text. Its straightforward syntax allows for text formatting like headers, lists, boldface, and italics.

This blog dives into converting HTML content to Markdown using the Byteline No-Code platform. Numerous cloud-based applications lean on RichText formatting for their Content Management Systems (CMS) or databases. When working with no-code automation, you often need to input data into these rich text fields in the specific format required by the application.

While Markdown remains a popular format for platforms like Airtable, others like Webflow CMS prefer HTML in their RichText fields. This means that when automating tasks with Airtable, you must send Markdown to populate rich text values. Hence, transitioning between HTML and Markdown becomes crucial to optimize your automation workflow. This article will unveil various approaches to convert from Markdown to HTML.


Byteline's capability extends to converting HTML to Markdown in its workflow automation and data sync products. This blog focuses on workflow automation, which lets you build a custom flow using various Byteline task nodes to automate your work. Learn more.


Using Action Node

You can use the "HTML to Markdown" action node for the conversion task. Byteline expressions within your workflow enable dynamic referencing of HTML data. This allows you to convert HTML to Markdown within your automation process easily.

Employing Function

Adding to the convenience, Byteline offers a built-in function called htmlToMarkdown. This function allows you to perform HTML to Markdown conversion directly within any action node, eliminating the need for a dedicated "HTML to Markdown" node. For instance, if you're using the Airtable - Create/Update node and need to set a rich text field, you can use the following syntax:

Alternate Solution: Data Sync

Data sync presents a more user-friendly strategy for data synchronization between two Cloud applications, supporting both 2-way and 1-way sync with filter options for refining the data being synchronized. The HTML to Markdown conversion for data sync is covered in Easy HTML to Markdown conversion with Byteline’s No-Code Data Sync.


Byteline empowers you to Convert Markdown to HTML without any code or manual oversight. Click here to get started.


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