Top 15 Web Scraping Tools in 2022

June 7, 2022
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Top 15 web scraping tools in 2022

Data is currency in today's environment and with any currency there is always going to be a growing demand for more of it. Web scrapers level the playing field for nearly anyone to collect vast sums of information. Web scrapers help users extract and compile data from multiple websites in an easy and structured manner in their database. These tools not only save the time of the users in the extraction of huge amounts of data but also makes it a seamless process as the crawlers do a broad scraping. 

Not to mention, these web scraping tools do not need coding. However, while you can find a plethora of web scraping tools, choosing the right one is not as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration before making the final decision. 

To help you choose the best web scraper, we have made a list of the most popular web scrapers.

Let’s get started!

Best Web Scraping tools


One of the most powerful and popular web scraping tools, ScrapingBee is a cloud-based scraping tool that handles proxy management and thousands of headless browsers without eating up your RAM & CPU. The service manages engineering operations and routine marketing efficiently as it is built on REST API for easy google search scraping.


  1. Automated proxy rotation
  2. Substantial JavaScript rendering
  3. Sustains Google search scraping
  4. Brilliant documentation
  5. The application can directly be used on Google Sheet


  1. Users who are not developers will struggle with this service.


Web scraping without the use of coding is in trend among non-developers. Byteline provides a built-in, intuitive web scraping for its users to extract useful data. This tool provides its users with a simple point-and-click interface making web scraping an easy task and comes in an affordable price range. It even exports extracted data to Google Sheets, Airtable, Webflow CMS, Adalo, Knack, Stripe, Infinity, and many more in a structured format. Byteline even consists of powerful built-in triggers like webhooks, scheduler, simple HTTP, just to name a few.   


  1. No coding required
  2. Easily integrates with common cloud apps
  3. SmartUpdate functionality for CMS & databases
  4. Provides users with the control to scrape data they require
  5. Auto-rotate proxy is available
  6. Handles pagination as well as page scrolling
  7. Switching (branching) logic included
  8. Responsive customer support


  1. The free plan only allows 500 actions per month


One of the most popular content extractors for tech companies and developers, DiffBot, collects unstructured data and turns it into structured and contextual databases. Its API uses machine learning, natural language processing as well as artificial learning for automatic web data extraction.


  1. Makes integration of web data easy
  2. Extracts structured data 
  3. Helps in extracting data from 10,000s of websites with Crawlbot
  4. Supports Android and iOS
  5. 14 day free trial


  1. Expensive tool
  2. Cannot extract data from all websites


With an easy, user-friendly interface, Octoparse helps non-developers to manage the data extraction process seamlessly. Users can schedule scraping at any time according to their convenience. A major benefit of using OctoParse web scraper is that it provides cloud services for the storage of scraped data. 


  1. Results can be downloaded in CSV, API, or Excel format
  2. Applicable on all websites
  3. Prevents IPs from getting blocked with automated IP rotation
  4. 24/7 cloud storage service 
  5. Tasks can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis


  1. Only Windows supports Windows OS
  2. Challenging platform to learn


Looking for an incredibly versatile and powerful web scraping tool? Look no further than ParseHub! With the help of Parsehub desktop application, users can scrape even complicated and dynamic websites. ParseHub provides users with amazing features other than scraping like, it allows them to download images, CSV, and JSON files.


  1. Built on REST API
  2. Extracted data can be downloaded in Excel and JSON format.
  3. Provides cloud storage service
  4. Schedule tasks on hourly, daily, or weekly basis
  5. Automated IP rotation


  1. Expensive tool
  2. Troubleshooting is difficult for large projects


Screaming Frog is the one-stop solution for large, small to medium-sized enterprises that run on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It is a web crawler tool by thousands of SEO specialists and agencies for technical SEO audits. Furthermore, it provides its customers with famous website crawlers as well as log file analyzing tools.


  1. Allows users to analyze results in real-time
  2. Affordable price (single payment)
  3. Feature-rich tool
  4. Allows users to crawl a website’s URL for analysis


  1. The tool is slow for large-scale scraping
  2. Consumes a large amount of system resources

Today large companies want a web scraping tool that provides them with accurate, complete, and reliable data. One such enterprise web scraping tool is It allows its users to integrate data into applications building thousands of APIs and webhooks according to their requirements.


  1. Easy User Interface
  2. Easy to use as it requires no code/low code
  3. Web tool with apps for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linus
  4. Data extraction can be scheduled
  5. Automatic workflows and web interaction


  1. Expensive web scraper
  2. Difficult for new users to use as it is a self-serve tool

One of the most trusted web scraper tools,, consumes news data in 76 languages from over 1 million sources across multiple websites. It provides its users with direct access to real-time and structured data from across the open and dark web. even allows the analysis of extensive historical feeds covering ten years of data.


  1. Provides machine-defined web data
  2. Responsive and rapid
  3. Provides access to massive data feed without extra fees
  4. Allows users to conduct gritty and analyze and dataset with the help of advanced features
  5. It consists of over 50TB of archived data.


  1. Retrieval of dark web data needs authorization
  2. Sometimes generates too much data 


Streamlined web scraping service provider, Grepsr helps businesses generate leads. Grepsr web scraping tool also helps scrape competitive data, news, and even financial data. It captures, normalizes, and brings reliable data effortlessly to users' databases. This web scraping tool is the best for investors and marketers as it allows them to finalize their requirements seamlessly with the help of Grepsr Data Analysts.


  1. Data extracted can be downloaded in CSV, PDF, HTML and JSON format
  2. Can monitor distribution chains
  3. Helps in news and content aggregation
  4. Provides unlimited bandwidth
  5. Supports multiple output format


  1. Expensive web scraping tool


One more on the list of best web scrapers that makes handling browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs easy to handle is ScrapingDog. Its rotating proxies help developers and non-developers extract data from static as well as dynamic pages without getting blocked.

ScrapingDog also includes a LinkedIn API.


  1. JS rendering 
  2. Access to websites in headerless Chrome
  3. Rotating proxies allows scraping data without getting blocked
  4. Webhook triggers are supported
  5. Linked API and Google Search API available


  1. It does not support Android and iOS
  2. LinkedIn API is only available in paid plans


While only available only for Chrome, SimpleScraper comes with popular functions like single page scraping, webhooks, webflows, and many more. The biggest benefit of this tool is that it can extract data in JSON format. The paid plans of the tool consist of several robust features like scheduling, real-time updates of google spreadsheets, etc.


  1. Data scraped from websites becomes API in 30 seconds
  2. Creates scraper models easily
  3. Provides structured data
  4. Easy to use
  5. Allows scraping any kind of webpage


  1. Limited free features
  2. Expensive web scraping tool

With a simple point-and-click user interface, helps non-developers with no previous knowledge on scraping data from multiple websites. It provides its users with a free Google Chrome Web Scraper Extension and a cloud-based Web Scraper to access data easily.


  1. Exports extracted data in CSV, JSON, and XLSX formats
  2. Modular selector system
  3. Easy to use point and click interface
  4. Built on JavaScript framework
  5. Data extraction is from dynamic websites


  1. Does not scrape pages that require a login
  2. Unable to execute complex scraping jobs with loops and pagination


One of the most compelling web scraper tools, ProWebScraper, provides innovative and seamless Web Scraping Services. Furthermore, it helps users extract data from dynamic websites without getting blocked.


  1. Easy to set up
  2. Allows users to extract data with multiple levels of navigation
  3. Flexible and powerful API
  4. It runs in the cloud
  5. Extraction of data from dynamic websites.


  1. Very expensive tool ($375/mo for 100k page search)


Web scraping becomes easier for users if the tool is efficient enough to scrape data from URLs. ScrapingBot does that work for its users. This scraping tool can be used for real estate listings, eCommerce pages, Google ranking, TikTok, Instagram, and many more use cases.


  1. Extracts data in JSON format
  2. Each web scraping API is customized for different sectors
  3. Allows geotargeting
  4. Proxies are of high quality
  5. JavaScript rendering


  1. Only 100 credits for free plan
  2. Expensive for paid plans
  3. Complex pricing model with credits that vary by use case


Are you looking for a quality web scraping tool for popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Maps? Apify is an ideal option. This web scraping tool helps businesses with different use cases like market research, lead generation, price comparison, machine learning, and many more.


  1. Ability to turn websites into API quickly
  2. Can scrape pages with unstructured data
  3. Supports every website
  4. Works on dynamic websites
  5. Library with free to use existing web crawlers


  1. Programming skills are required
  2. Limited data retention period


A scalable as well as real-time REST API web scraping tool, Scrapestack allows scraping data from millions of websites in just milliseconds. It handles proxy APIs, CAPTCHAs and browsers effortlessly. More than 2000 companies are using ScrapeStack for data scraping. 


  1. Supports JavaScript rendering and CAPTCHA solving
  2. Premium options are available for free
  3. 35+ million global IP addresses and data centers are used
  4. Simultaneous API requests are allowed
  5. Users can access 100 + global locations for web scraping


  1. No live chat feature
  2. Only 100 free requests are available 
  3. Minimum features and support for the free and basic package

Final Words 

Extracting large-scale data from multiple sites has become quick and easy with the help of no-code web scraping tools. These above-mentioned tools are viable solutions, as many of them do not require coding, and can be learned by most non-developers. Whether you want to scrape data from dynamic sites without getting blocked or collect data in a structured format, these web scraping tools can help you collect massive amounts of data from multiple websites without hiring an expensive developer.


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