Use Case

Airtable to Webflow CMS sync


Here is the Byteline flow used for this use case. You can clone it by following the link
Airtable to Webflow CMS sync

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Airtable Trigger
Airtable trigger makes the flow run at regular intervals based on the configured poll period. Each run gets the changed Airtable records since the last run and then invokes the flow with those records as the input.
Webflow CMS update from Airtable trigger
The changed records are input to the Webflow CMS Update task, which inserts or updates the Webflow items based on the defined mapping and the configured primary key.

Step by Step Instructions

Byteline step by step blog

Airtable is an innovative tool for maintaining data in a no-code tech stack. Airtable datastore can act as a single source of truth, whereas Webflow CMS datastore only displays the data you want your users to view. As a result, Airtable serves as a superset of the data in Webflow CMS. Recently, Byteline unveiled a fantastic feature to sync Airtable data to Webflow CMS automatically. It offers an agile workflow in which you can push the Airtable changes directly to Webflow. All you need to do is update the Airtable records, and Byteline will sync it to Webflow CMS.

This sync uses “Airtable trigger” that invokes a Byteline flow whenever the data changes in Airtable. You can use this trigger on any Byteline flow to execute your custom logic, but we specifically explore Airtable to Webflow sync in this blog.

In this blog, we have uncovered a few easy steps to help you update data and publish it to Webflow CMS using Byteline’s Airtable trigger. 

We have divided this article into two sections to convey an easy understanding, as illustrated below: 

  1. Configure Airtable Trigger
  2. Configure Webflow - Update Items

Let’s begin.  

Create Flow
Configure Airtable Trigger Node
Configure Webflow - Update Items
How Does the Configured Flow Work?