July 2021

Release Notes

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

In July 2021, we released eleven new updates, including enhancements to the Web Scraper node, Airtable to Webflow CMS sync, advancements to the functions UI for the arguments, and providing users with more user-friendly error messages and interface. That’s not it! Dive right in to read about these enhancements and take your experience with the Byteline platform up a notch.


Airtable to Webflow CMS Sync 

One of the excellent features we shipped is Airtable to the Webflow CMS sync, which avoids the hassle of manual entry and whenever the Airtable trigger detects any change, Webflow CMS is updated automatically. 

Click here for the video and blog to learn more about how to integrate Airtable with Webflow CMS using Byteline’s Airtable Trigger node.

Web Scraper Performance Enhancement 

Byteline’s web scraper node allows users to extract voluminous data from web pages and export it in a structured format without any coding efforts. We have made a significant improvement in the performance of the web scraper to optimize the web scraper node for better stability and faster execution. 

Zoom-In & Zoom-Out of Flows 

You can use your mouse cursor or its wheel to zoom in and zoom out of the flow. If you are using Mac operating system, simply pinch in or pinch out on your touchpad to utilize this functionality. 

This is how the magnification of the flow originally looks like. 

Instance 2: The snippet below shows the zoomed-in image of the flow when users scroll down the mouse wheel.

Enhance Functions UI for the Arguments 

In our July update, we also enhanced the functions UI for the arguments.

Let's say you pick a function- 'Replace' that takes an argument from the select variable dialog. If you don't know, Replace is used to replace a string for another string. You can type the string you want to replace in the Search for field and enter the new string you want to replace it with, in the Replacement field

If you are not using a regular expression, select No from the ‘Is Regex’ drop-down. 

Once you click on the Save button, you will notice the Searched for string is being replaced with the one string mentioned in the Replaced dialogue box.  

User-Friendly Error Messages

More work was done in the July release to make error message even more helpful. They were not entirely clear before the July update, making it difficult for the users to troubleshoot the issue. However, we have optimized the UI for error messages to make them user-friendly with this new update. 

Now, if users encounter a Failed message on running the flow, the console will show an improved server error message that allows users to troubleshoot the issue easily and quickly. With the comprehensive error messages, users can solve them without any need to connect with the Byteline support team and chat with the customer support executive. 

Here is how the error message now would look like:

Let’s understand what each error fields mean. 

Failure Message: The field illustrates a brief error message of what specifically went wrong with the flow. 

External Error Response: The field illustrates the error message from the external/third-party service. In the error message as shown in the snippet above, we have received a message from the Airtable node, saying there is an invalid value for the column, making it easier for users to navigate the issue. 

Helpful Resources: The most important field to illustrates the possible solutions to troubleshoot the issue, enabling users to resolve them easily. 

Additional Info: The column contains the exact request message that was sent to the Airtable node. 

Moreover, we have also added a Request Help button, which users can use if they cannot figure the issue by reading the error message, as shown in the snippet above. On clicking the button, Byteline’s support team will receive the user’s details needed to troubleshoot the issue, and we can revert the solution via email to the user as soon as possible. 

Better Validation on Web Scraper Config 

Earlier users used to configure the web scraper node by putting space in the Field Name, which isn’t valid. So, now, whenever users put a space in the Field Name, they will be shown an error message. In the new update, no spaces are allowed in the array and field names.

Field Mapper shows primary key

In the latest Byteline’s update, Field Mapper shows key column by using a key icon, which is used for updating operations. It means that if a record with a matching key column exists, then the record is updated.  

In the above snippet, the Name is the primary field on the Airtable table. This task handles both Add and Update on Airtable. So, if there is a matching value that exists for this Name, then it will update the record but if it has no matching value, it will insert a new row.  

Note: The key icon beside the Name field shows that it is a primary field. 

Test Run now required for some tasks 

In the latest update, users need to run a flow before adding the some node types in the flow. This is only required for nodes for which Byteline doesn't know the output response format. If they fail to do so, the following warning will appear. 

This update has been introduced to help users learn about the available data for the output of this task node that can be used in the next task nodes. However, this warning is not shown for all the task nodes but only for nodes with unknown output format. 

Test Run Without Deploy 

Earlier, whenever users wanted to change some task value, they needed to go through two steps to run the flow. First, they needed to deploy the flow and then do the test run. 

However, with the July update, the Run button is replaced with the Test Run button, which both deploys and test runs functions. Now, users don’t need to deploy the flow first.  

New Position for Upvoter 

In the previous version of Byteline, Upvoter was present in the navigation menu, but now it has been shifted to the Account in the feature requests. 

Changes to the Scheduler Node 

Since the scheduler keeps on running in the background, it stays active even if the flow fails. However, with the July update, if the scheduler based flow fails 3 times in a row, the scheduled rule shall be removed automatically. The user then need to deploy the flow again to make it run. 

Lastly, we have fixed over 60  bugs with the July update to ensure a seamless user experience while using Byteline.  

If you still have any questions, feel free to connect with us. Also, stay tuned for amazing updates!