Use Case

Export Data from Shopify Scraper to Airtable


Here is the Byteline flow used for this use case. You can clone it by following the link
Export Data from Shopify Scraper to Airtable

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Byteline flow runs on a scheduler + Google Sheet
Byteline flow runs in the cloud at the scheduled time. This scraper flow runs for each URL in the Google Spreadsheet, which is configured for the task.
Captures products data using Byteline Shopify scraper.
Byteline Shopify scraper retrieves all the products data from each Shopify store. The scraper is configured using an expression to refer to URLs in the Spreadsheet.
Update Airtable
Byteline Airtable Update task inserts or updates the data in Airtable. It automatically determines whether to insert or update based on the configured primary key fields on the Byteline task.

Step by Step Instructions

Byteline step by step blog

Web scraping is a powerful technique that can be used to collect data from the web quickly and efficiently. In the below instructions, we will see how to scrape a Shopify store into an Airtable.

This page has illustrated easy steps to help users scrape data from a Shopify store and export it into an Airtable using a robust Shopify Store Scraper tool developed by Byteline. Similarly, you can export products from Shopify stores to Google Sheets or other CMS. For a better understanding, we will scrape products from three Shopify stores. 

For simplicity, we have divided this blog into two parts, as follows:

  1. Configure Shopify Store Scraper Node 
  2. Export Data using Airtable - Update Records node
Configuring Scheduler Node 
Configure Shopify Store Scraper Node 
Export Data using Airtable - Update Records node