November 2021

Release Notes

In November 2021, we released several new updates, including optimization of text fields to support a mix of text and expression, and enhancements to multiple nodes with new features. On top of that, we have also fixed 18 bugs, making the user experience seamless for our users.    

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


Updated Text Field 

For this release, we have updated the text field so that it can support text along with expressions. 

Earlier, you only used to enter the textual data in the text field, but now you can also enter expressions. 

As an example, you can add part of the URL as text and the rest as an expression. 

HTTP calls for updating Data 

Sometimes, when you send data to an integration e.g. Webflow CMS or Airtable, to update or insert the data, these services returns HTTP response statuses like 503 or 504, which means the server is either too busy or unavailable to take your calls.  So, to fix the issue, Byteline has introduced the retries, which means you won’t see any errors because Byteline shall automatically perform retries for such HTTP responses without your involvement. As a result, less errors on your flow runs.

"Google Sheet - Read Values" task now supports sheet name and the cell range to fetch 

Now, Google Sheets read task supports sheet name and the cell range so that you can precisely specify the data to retrieve.

Updated Scheduler Node

Earlier you didn’t have the option to run the flow multiple times in a day at different schedules. You could only run it at a specific time in a day. 

However, Scheduler Node now offers support to run the flow multiple times (if configured to run on a daily basis). This means you can add multiple time entries in a single day as per your requirements on which you want to run the flow. 

As a result, you can add multiple times to run the flow at specific timings, and whenever you want to delete any of the values from the list, you can delete them with a single click. 

Enables Success Notifications on Flow 

Earlier, when users would run a flow, they would receive only email notifications when there was a failure. But now, users can opt to receive email notifications even on the events of successful executions. 

To get started, simply click on the horizontal Ellipsis on the top right corner of the console and enable “Success notifications”

As a result, when the flow is successful, you will get a Success email notification as well. 

Zoom In and Zoom Out in Flow designer 

Earlier, when users used a mouse wheel on the console, the flow started to zoom in and zoom out. Even when users use two fingers to move up and down on a MAC, the flow gets to zoom in and zoom out.  Now, this feature has been disabled, and users will have to hold a control button to zoom in and zoom out. 

Implemented Versioning for Saving Flows 

Earlier, if you had made any changes in a specific flow, it would always overwrite the existing flow configuration without providing any option to restore to the previous version of the flow. Now, Byteline has added support in the backend to support the versioning for flow so that the users can easily view and revert back to the previous flow. 

This update will soon be available throughout the UI, and you will be able to experience that feature in the frontend. 

Updated Error Messages

Earlier, if you would read and update the data on integrations (Webflow CMS or Airtable), and if an error would occur, Byteline would directly display the error to you. It was hard to decipher because it came from a third party. 

Now, Byteline has implemented a layer in between so it intercepts those errors and then translates them to a user-friendly error message. As a result, you can now understand the error message and know what exactly you need to do to fix that error message. 

Number of Bug fixes for the Byteline Web Scraper Chrome Extension

Byteline made several bug fixes for the Byteline Web Scraper Chrome extension to make it more stable, so it will use better XPaths, resulting in a more consistent web scraper results.

Updated Web Scraper Failure Thumbnail

Earlier, when a Web Scraper node failed, it would sometimes not show you a thumbnail summarizing the error details. Now, for better troubleshooting, Byteline made it more reliant so that it is always available and when any failure happens, you can expose it by clicking on it. As this thumbnail is captured, it will help you troubleshoot the issue. 

Better Skipped Messages for Update tasks

When you update an integration, it may be for Webflow CMS or Airtable; you miss some of the records while updating for many reasons. Now, Byteline has added a new field in the output which will help you know why those items have been skipped. 

18 Bug Fixes 

Lastly, we have fixed over 18 bugs in the November release to make the Byteline platform more stable. 

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubt!