May 2021

Release Notes

In May 2021, we introduced 9 new updates, which include new task nodes and multiple advancements to the current nodes. Some of the updates include Transform Data in multiple formats, Google Sheets, Filter, Web Scraper Chrome extension, and many more.


Airtable Triggers

We already had an Airtable task nodes used to update and read record items. In the latest update, users can now use Airtable as a trigger node. It works by polling, with a configurable time period (starting with 15 mins), the Airtable to check for the new or updated records.

Further, the flow with Airtable trigger will be started whenever a new record is created or updated. To configure the trigger, you need to specify Base Id, Table, Poll Period, and Trigger Type.

Web Scraper Chrome Extension

Earlier, the process of configuring a Web Scraper node was quite complicated. But, with our newly launched Web Scraper Chrome Extension, scraping data is a breeze.

With this node, you can specify which elements you want to scrape, including text, rich text, and images. You just have to double click on the element to be scrapped and paste in the Byteline console, and you are good to go.

You can also see our YouTube video to learn how to use the chrome extension of Web Scraper or refer to the guide here.

Web Scraper Chrome Extension
Web Scraper Chrome Extension

Byteline Web Scraper
Web Scraper

Handling Large Data

Byteline infrastructure has been enhanced to handle huge data sets. Our developers have worked hard for this feature, and now, a flow can handle very large data sets. It makes the flow in Byteline more robust, and there will be no error while handling large data sets.

SHA-1 Converter

You must be familiar with the number of data converters we already have on our console. But, now, we have introduced a new converter, called Sha1 converter.

With the new update, Byteline now supports Sha1 and HMAC encoding. Users can configure the encoding algorithm, which is Hex and base64, and also pass a key as the second argument.

Learn more about the Sha1 converter in our data converter guide here.

SHA-1 data converter

Filter Data

We have introduced a Filter node that helps you filter data based on different conditions. If you have some large data and don’t need most of it, you can easily filter out the data you need with Byteline’s Filter node.

To configure this node, you need to select the ‘loop over’ checkbox and pick an array, select a condition and mention whether you want to filter data from all the mentioned fields or just one. Check out its documentation for the details.

Filter Data

Transform Data - CSV to array or CSV to JSON

We have introduced exciting new features with which users can transform data between multiple formats easily and efficiently. You can transform data in the following formats:

  • CSV to array
  • CSV to JSON

Although we are just supporting these two formats, it won’t be long enough when users can transform data in a number of different formats. Learn more about the Transform data task node in our guide here.

Transform Data
Transform Data


Google Sheets - Insert All Values

The Google Sheets - Insert All Values allows users to integrate Google Sheets and insert the data in the sheet without the need for coding. To configure this node, you need to specify the Spreadsheet Id and Spreadsheet Data. However, the spreadsheet data should always be in the JSON array of arrays format. Transform task node can be used to easily convert data to the JSON array.

Moreover, if you want to delete the existing data from the spreadsheet before inserting the new data, this node can help you do that as well. Check out the details here.

Google Sheets - Insert All Values
Google Sheets - Insert All Values


Now, you can export your campaign list with the help of the Lemlist node. Just enter what campaign you want to export, and you are good to go.

lemlist integration
lemlist integration