June 2021

Release Notes

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash

In June 2021, we released nine new updates, including enhancements to web scraper node, select variable tool UI, new autocomplete feature, new feedback pages, upgrades to number converter, and more. We have also included two new integrations - Wave Accounting and BrightLocal.


Web Scraper

Significant improvements were made in Web Scraper, a popular feature of Byteline. Some of the upgrades done in this node are: 

  • Pagination: Pagination allows users to configure the pagination XPath of the next page button to extract multiple values. Not only this, but users can also enter the maximum number of pages needed to be scrapped. 

Proxy Support: When you visit a website multiple times, you might encounter an event where your IP address gets blocked. However, with Web Scraper’s proxy support update, users can avoid this event. To configure Proxy support, you simply need to tick the UseProxy checkbox provided under the advanced section.

  • Image Scraping Support: We have also extended support for scraping images, allowing users to scrape images from any website. To make use of this update, you will need to use Byteline’s Web Scraper chrome extension to copy the XPath of the image as it works by using image URLs. 

The scraped image can be exported to AirTable or Webflow CMS using an image converter. To scrape the images, you simply need to use the image function. However, make sure that the field you use actually refers to an image URL.  

In addition to the aforesaid, we have fixed several bugs in the web scraper node to make it faster and more responsive. 

Select Variables Tool

We have updated the “Select The Variables” tool with auto-complete functionality and also organized the input and output fields in a better way. With this update, users can have:

  • New UI for selecting variables, which has input, output, and functions tab as shown below. 


Note: Prior to this update, the “Select Variable Tool” was hard to interact with, which we have improved in this update. 

  • Autocomplete feature for the variable name. So, whenever users want to enter the value field, the Byteline console will help you autocomplete the value of your input as shown below. 

Better Error Messages

The error messages received by the users while creating the flow were rendered in the cryptic format, making it hard for the users to understand the fault. With the new update, the Byteline console will show user-friendly error messages, allowing users to resolve the issues easily. Also, this support will be quickly enhanced for most of the error messages. 

Now, the user-friendly error message would look like this:


Flow Failure Notifications

Many users couldn’t resolve the error when they run a flow as there was no flow failure notification email. However, with the latest Byteline update, users will get an email message with the subject - “Byteline flow - [Flow_Name] - has failed.”

Email is even equipped with a link that users can click upon to navigate directly to the flow.  

Advanced Google Sheets Integration

The Google Sheets node allows users to easily integrate Google Sheets without any coding efforts, letting users edit, organize and analyze multiple categories of information in real-time. 

The new update has fixed several bugs that previously restricted the users from exercising seamless integration of Google Sheets. Earlier users were getting an error message for missing “input ID”, but this issue has been resolved with the latest update. 

Feedback Pages 

Your feedback means a lot to us. Whether it is positive or negative, we strive to take your comments seriously to make your experience with Byteline more seamless. 

We have now added feedback pages with the June update. Now, users can share feedbacks to explain their experience using Byteline from both http://byteline.io and https://console.byteline.io/

Enhancements to Number Converter

Prior to the June update, “number converters” worked only for integer values but, now, with the latest update, it also works with the percentages and currency values. As a result, if users use this number function on percentage or currency, the platform will convert it into numbers. 

For example, $1.50 will be converted to 1.50. 

Better Navigation 

Prior to the June update, a user always had to click on the cross button to close the task configuration dialogs. Now these dialogs automatically close when you click outside the dialog. If any changes were made in the task configuration, a warning message is displayed.

Moreover, keyboard-based navigation now works for Web Scraper and other task nodes. 


We have already made most of the popular integration available for our users and now we are adding integration on a need basis. So, if you want to have an integration available on our platform, feel free to reach out to us at contact@byteline.io. We promise to build the integration within three days. 

Moreover, in the June update, we launched two new integrations, explained below: 


BrightLocal provide you SEO tools for the local search. With BrightLocal integration, users can add new clients to their BrighLocal account. 

Wave Accounting  

Wave accounting provides a better way to manage your money. Using this integration, you can create new customers in your Wave accounting account.

Feel free to connect us for any doubt, and stay tuned for amazing updates!