November 15, 2022

Release Notes

Photo by Aaron Burden

We have released several new updates, including changed the concept of test run, revamped the expression selector, added automatic date-time parsing functionality, and many more. On top of that, we have updated most parts of the byteline console to make it very user-friendly. 

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


Test run

For this release, we have changed the concept of the test run. Now, the users can perform the test run for a specific node while configuring the flow. Earlier, users had to run the complete flow if they wanted to do a test run for a particular node. Now, post configuration, the users need to do perform the test run to validate the configuration and resolve any issues right then. The new update allows the users to perform a test run without rerunning the entire flow. 

Expression selector shows as a field dropdown

For this release, we have changed the expression selector. This updated expression selector shows the users all the data as they can pick for the text field. Using it, the user can now select the variables and/or functions from the drop-down. They need to click on the value in the drop-down menu to select the variables. The functions can be selected from the “Functions” tab.

Automatic date-time parsing

A new feature has been added to byteline to automatically determine the date time format. In addition to this automatic date-time parse, Byteline also supports absolute formats of date i.e., 2/13/2022 8 PM EST or relative formats i.e., +3d, which means three days from now. Learn More.

Number of pages and records are now available in the scraper output

After configuring the web scraper node, the users need to do a test run to save the node. The test run result now displays additional information that includes the number of records scraped. Besides that, if a user is using pagination, the test run result will also specify the number of pages. This data is available for all runs and not just the test runs.

89 bug fixes 

We have been focusing more on reducing errors. This is why we have fixed over 89 bugs from the late August to November release to increase the platform's stability and make it more professional and user-friendly. 



New Triggers- We have integrated two new Action Triggers into the platform. Here are the new Actions Triggers available to the users - 

  • Salesforce - New Record Trigger: Whenever a new record is created in Salesforce, it invokes the Byteline flow. 

  • ClickUp - Whenever a new task is created in ClickUp, it will invoke the Byteline Flow.


New Actions - We have integrated 4 new actions into the platform. Here are the new Actions which are available to the users - 

  • Send Slack Message - Using this action, users can send a Slack Message.

  • Send Gmail - This action allows the users to send an email via Gmail.

  • Salesforce - Create Record - This action allows users to create & update records in Salesforce. It uses Byteline’s Smart Update technology that lets users select the matching fields; a new record is created if no item matches the chosen fields. Otherwise the matching record is updated.  
  • ClickUp - Create Task -This action allows the users to create & update tasks in ClickUp. This also uses Byteline’s Smart Update technology.

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubts!