June 2022

Release Notes

By Domenico Loia

In June 2022, we released several new updates such as API connector to make HTTP API calls, a new UI look and feel, a Re-Run button in the node buttons, and others. On top of that, we have also fixed 22 bugs, making the product more robust and user-friendly.

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


New UI look & feel - Add flow & Add node dialogs

Now users can enjoy the new design for creating a flow and adding new nodes. The select trigger and action nodes are redesigned to give a more professional look.

Apart from this, a whole new button panel is added for nodes. The panel is easy to use and looks much nicer than before. Now, users can take necessary actions from a single panel just by hovering the mouse on the node icon and clicking the required button.

API Connector - now make HTTP API calls to retrieve data from any endpoint

With the addition of the API connector, users will now be able to make HTTP calls to retrieve data from any endpoint of their choice. Users can call Get, Post, Put or Delete HTTP methods. Apart from this, users will be able to pass on the header information.

In addition to this, the support for automatic pagination is also added. Sometimes there are thousands of records retrieved from an API call, but usually, every site has pagination. This means they only give 50 or 100 in a single call. But with automatic pagination, things are going to be much different, as discussed. Users can easily use pagination by going to the Pagination Method and selecting the type they want.

Note: Users can also click on the See Pagination Details link to understand various pagination options.

The Re-Run button is now available in the node buttons

Earlier users were required to run the whole flow after they had made changes to a particular node. But with the addition of the Re-Run button, users will now be able to re-run the flow from a particular node as per the requirement. This means that if users are working with multiple nodes and they have made some changes in a specific node. Now, if they have to run the test, they can hover the mouse over that node and click on the Re-Run button to run the flow from that particular node onwards.

Chrome extension supports the usage of browser local storage for scraping

Earlier, there was only an option to capture cookies, but with this release, users can now capture browser storage (local storage on the browser). This is so because some site information is captured on the local storage. Users will now be able to utilize that for scraping.

22 Bugs Fixed

Lastly, Byteline has fixed over 22 bugs for the existing features in the June 2022 release to make the platform more stable, professional, and user-friendly. Byteline has spent a hefty amount of time making a platform bug-free in order to offer a smooth user experience. Users can feel the difference themselves.

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubts!