July 2022

Release Notes

By David Travis

In July 2022, we released several new updates, including addition of filters in Airtable and Webflow triggers, revamped field mapper UI, an updated connection page, and many more. On top of that, we have also fixed 36 bugs, making the product more robust and user-friendly.

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


Show the number of actions consumed by each task

For this release, we have added a new feature that allows the users to view the number of actions consumed by each task. Earlier, the users could only view the total number of actions consumed when they ran a flow. However, in the new update, the users can view the total number of actions at the task level in the flow. 

For example, the total number of actions consumed for the below flow is four. The number displayed at the top right corner of the task shows the number of actions consumed by that particular task. 

Redesigned field mapper UI

The latest release gives a new and improved look to the field mapper UI. The field mapper is used to map the values for a field to a specific expression. It also has a toggle button that allows the users to mark a unique field, which enables them to find the matching record on the Webflow site. 

In the revamped design of the field mapper, we have added two rows for each field where the first row shows the label and buttons and the second row shows the expressions. 

Support filters in Airtable & Webflow triggers 

Airtable and Webflow triggers now have a filter feature. To use this feature, you first need to select the trigger type, site, and collection option on your Trigger node. Once you select these fields, the filter option appears. 

The connections page is now clutter-free and shows only the connection you have

Earlier, the connection page showed those connections that a user could configure. However, in the new update, a new feature has been added that allows the users only to view those connections that they have.

With this update, users can now have a clutter-free and organized connections page.

36 bug fixes  

We have been focusing more on reducing errors. This is why we have fixed over 36 bugs in the July release to make the Byteline platform more stable and user-friendly. 

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubt!