February 2022

Release Notes

Photo by Marvin Meyer

In February 2022, we released several new updates, including web scraping behind a login wall, web scraping limit for repeating elements, updating non-live Webflow CMS data, Adalo integration, and other new features. On top of that, we have also fixed 30 bugs, making the experience seamless for our users.    

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail. 


Web scraper now supports scraping behind a login wall

Now, web scraper supports scraping behind a login wall. You can capture the cookies from your login session and then paste them on the web scraper config. 

All you need to do is visit any site that requires login, hit the Byteline chrome extension, and click on the “Capture Cookies” button. 

Then go back to the web scraper to paste the cookies. Press the “Paste from chrome extension” button. Finally, click the “Save” button to save your update.

After pasting the cookies, users can scrape pages behind the login wall.

Web scraper now supports limit on scraped items

This new feature allows users to limit the number of repeating elements on the Web scraper. At time, web pages can have 100s of repeating elements, so during the test phase a user can limit the number of items being scraped to quickly validate a new flow.

Users need to go to the 'Advanced '' section on Web scraper and tick the “Limit repeating elements”. They may choose the number of limits from the drop-down list. This limit will be applied to all the repeating elements. You can uncheck the “Limit repeating elements” in case you don't want to remove the repeating elements. 

For example, if we enter the element “Coins” from the Coinbase website into the “Array Name” field, which is the repeating element. So, it will scrape “coins” 10 times even if there are more than 10 repeating elements.

Improved Google Spreadsheets update task 

In web scraper, we have improved the Google Spreadsheet update task. Now Google Sheet update tasks can manage headers. The feature is applicable for Google Sheets-Insert All and Google Sheets - Insert Columns tasks. All you have to do is tick the “Auto-generate headers” option in Google Sheets-Insert All/Insert Column dialogue box. 

Note: This option adds a header, only when the spreadsheet is empty. 

Users will get enhanced error details through email

Earlier users had to go to the Byteline console to view the error details for the failed runs. But now for their convenience, an email will be sent to them in case of any error. The email will include the reason behind the error and how it can be resolved. 

Webflow CMS now supports updating non-live data

We have added the “Update Live Site” feature in Webflow. This will allow users to create or update Webflow CMS items for non-published sites. If the checkbox is unchecked, the data that you are sending will not be automatically live. Before this change, we were always updating the live data and users were getting issues in case a site is not yet published.

Reason is displayed for the paused flows

We have added a new feature for our users that allows them to view the reason behind as paused flow. When the flow is paused, a message will appear along with the Restart option and the reason why the flow has been paused.

Better web scraper configuration with the Chrome extension

For this release, we have fixed a few issues that our users used to face with our Chrome extension and now the XPath that is generated to scrape the data is more stable and is performing even better.

Addition of more detailed help documentation

For the convenience of our users, we have added more details to the help documentation. This documentation is available at either through the question button at the top right corner of the flow designer.

Or by clicking the Question button at the top-right corner of the task node configuration dialog box.

Flow backups will now show the backup date in the local time

Byteline keeps backup versions for all flows. It enables a user to easily restore to an old flow version. Users can now see flow backups in their local time.  

The node that needs a test run is shown with a warning

When a user adds a new node and configures it, unless the flow is successfully run after adding that node, the format of the data output of the node won't be available. It then shows a warning message to indicate that the node needs a successful run. So, that the data that is relevant for this node shows up in the flow. 

Adalo integration

Adalo is the new integration that was recently added. Adalo allows its users to create, update and delete records in a single task. Now users will be able to manage data in Adalo very easily using Byteline. 

30 Bug Fixes

Lastly, we have fixed over 30 bugs in this release to make the Byteline platform more stable.

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect with us for any doubts!