December 2021

Release Notes

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In December 2021, we released several new updates, including flow backups, pause a flow, help component, Simple HTTP pagination,  and others. On top of that, we have also fixed 18 bugs, making the experience seamless for our users.    

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


Pause and Restart a Flow 

This is a new functionality that allows you to pause a flow. 

Once activated, it will reject the call in case of the webhook-based trigger. In the case of the scheduler, RSS trigger, and Airtable trigger, it will stop them from running anymore.

Flow Backups are Supported

Every flow has a backup option that you can access easily by clicking on the Backups.

Click on the Preview option to view a specific flow version in the read-only mode. You can also restore a particular flow. Selecting the Restore option will make a specific version the latest. It means the next time you open the flow, you will be directed to the restored version. 

Help Component on the Flow Designer and Task Dialogs 

The help document is added. Now you have access to both technical documentation and videos for the nodes or the flow you are creating by simply clicking on the help icon. This will let you create a flow more accurately and rapidly.

Search to the Select Node Dialog

For this release, we have added a specific search node box that allows you to easily search a particular node by simply typing its name.

Earlier, you had to scroll down the list of integrations to find the one you were looking for.  It used to consume a lot of time and effort. Now it’s made quick and straightforward.

Refresh Button on the Field Mapper Fields

This feature is for all the Update tasks, incl. AirTable Update, Webflow update, infinity update, etc., wherever the field mapper is used. With the help of this release, you can successfully recover the deleted fields even after clicking on the Save button. All you need to do is to click on the Refresh Fields

Let us understand this with an example.

Earlier, if the company, location, slug, etc., got deleted by clicking on the delete icon, and then the changes were saved by clicking on the Save button, there was no way to get them back.

Now you can get it back quickly by clicking on the Refresh Fields.

Simple HTTP Now Supports Pagination

Simple HTTP task now supports pagination method that lets you fetch multiple pages from a GET call.


When you retrieve data from an API call, pagination is generally used when not all data can be returned in one call. There is a certain pagination mechanism based on which you get the first page, then the second page, then the third page, and so on.

You can configure that by going to Advanced and selecting the pagination method you want. Have a look at the pagination guide that provides an explanation for each option.

Note: This pagination method is only applicable for GET calls.

Update Tasks Ignore Any Empty Values to Avoid Overwriting User Data

A user generally configures the Update task’s field mapper values using Byteline expressions. However, if any of the expressions resolves to an empty value, we were overwriting that field in the integration, e.g., Airtable Update with the empty value. But now, Byteline takes out all empty values before sending the update call to the integration.

New Flow Designer

We’ve improved our workflow design canvas. It has a more modern look and feels (including color logos) while making better use of space.

Now you can quickly and easily add a node between two tasks without having to delete the existing nodes. 

You can delete a node in the middle of a flow, and the remaining tasks will be automatically connected.

Web Scraper Chrome Extension is Made More Robust

The chrome extension that we use for selecting different web scraper elements is made more robust to minimize errors.  Now the scraping works more accurately.

Infinity Integration (

Infinity is the new integration that was recently added. You can now choose from Infinity - Get Items and Infinity - Update items.

Infinity - Get Items: Now you can retrieve infinity items by using the Infinity - Get Items node.

Infinity - Update items: Now easily insert, update, and delete infinity items using the Infinity - Update items node.

Scheduler Now Supports Running Minutes Apart

Now you can configure the Scheduler to run the flow on a minute basis. Before this, users only had the option to run it on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Shopify Support

Shopify support is implemented and the app will be soon published to the Shopify app store. You will get notified once Shopify approves it. 

Shopify - Adjust inventory levels: Now, you can easily adjust Shopify inventory levels using Shopify - Adjust Inventory node.

Shopify - Retrieve Orders: Now, you can retrieve Shopify order details easily using Shopify - Retrieve Orders node.

Shopify - Retrieve inventory levels: Now, you can retrieve Shopify inventory level detail using Shopify - Retrieve inventory levels node.

Shopify - Set inventory levels: Now, you can easily set Shopify inventory levels using Shopify - Set Inventory node.

Shopify - Update Inventory Items:  Now, update Shopify inventory items detail quickly using Shopify - Update Inventory Items node.

18 Bug Fixes

Lastly, we have fixed over 18 bugs in the December release to make the Byteline platform more stable. 

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubts!