April 2022

Release Notes

By Christopher Gower

In April 2022, we released several new updates, including configuring Webflow CMS reference fields using text values, Stripe integration, if function(select one value or other based on a condition), Knack trigger, Switch task, and much more. On top of that, we have also improved the look and feel thus making the experience seamless for our users.    

Let’s learn about these new features and updates in detail.


Better and stable web scraper paths

The Web Scraper config has become better and more stable than it used to be earlier. XPaths that it configures in the Web Scraper node have become shorter and more robust. This means now Web Scraper will keep on running without any problems.

Text area now supports variable selector

Users can now use a variable selector to populate the text areas.

Support for if function

The if function returns a value depending on the value of the conditional expression. If the condition is true, it returns the first argument; otherwise, the second argument. It requires the following arguments:

Conditional expression: Either an expression resolving to a boolean or a JavaScript logical expression 

Value if true: Value to return if the conditional expression is true

Value if false: Value to return if the conditional expression is false

Webflow CMS multi-reference fields can be configured by text values

In order to configure reference fields or multi-reference fields, users had to map the exact item ID of the linked records in the Byteline field mapper. This has become much easier now by just using the text value of the mapped item.

Example of using text value: To add a reference field value to map to "Coinbase", you can directly use Coinbase or an expression that maps to this text value. Byteline does the hard work of finding the item ID and to create the link in the CMS.

The item ID usage is still supported.

Trigger nodes now provide the option to start multiple flows for each record

Trigger nodes now have that advanced setting that a user can check to start a new flow instance for each of the records. 

Users can now change the connection between nodes

Byteline allows you to delete and re-add connections between nodes. It enables you to run flow up to a specific node or skip nodes from the flow path.

Run the flow up to a particular node: There can be a case when you want to make some changes and run the flow only up to a selective node; you can easily do that by deleting the connection between the subsequent node and the node till which you want to run the flow.

Change the flow execution path by skipping a node/nodes: In this case, you can skip a node or nodes and send the data or the changes to the selective nodes.

Implement Stripe Integration

Byteline supports three different types of nodes stripe.

  1. Stripe - Add Product & Price: Let you add a stripe product and price. In other words, you can create a product and the associated price(s) at the same time in your Stripe account.

  1. Stripe- Create Customer Portal Session: Let you create a stripe customer portal session link that your users or customers can use to manage their billing. 

  1. Stripe - Create Payment Link: Let you create a stripe payment link to share the payment page with your customers. It doesn’t require any coding, and you can share the link as many times as you want on social media, in emails, or on any other channel.

Implement Switch task

Byteline provides you with a built-in Switch node that allows you to implement if/then branching to multiple paths. In simple words, it offers an option to build an if/else condition within the flows. This feature is available for Standard plans and higher.

Filter now supports multiple conditions

Filter now allows you to add multiple conditions with just a single click on the Add Condition button. You can add as many conditions as you want.

Dropdown now supports a refresh button to show the updated data

All Byteline drop downs that show options from an integration now offers refresh button. Suppose you add a new object to your Knack account; you can click on the refresh button to bring all the latest information. Clicking the refresh button will update the list for you, and the recently added object will also show.

Add an option to let the user run a flow from the node

Byteline provides you with the flexibility to re-run a flow from a selected node onwards. This feature uses the flow input data and output data of the skipped nodes from the previous runs. It will only run the desired node and the nodes after it for a particular flow. 

With this feature, you don’t have to run already configured and tested nodes repeatedly to make sure the nodes are working well. Instead, only the node being configured and the following nodes can be test run, saving your time and actions.

Input variables are now moved to the same tab as the output tab to provide a unified view

For this release, both input variables and output variables are moved to a single tab. This will make things easy as now you will be able to view and access both variables from a single place.

Knack trigger Support

Knack provides you with the easiest way to build online databases and applications. Byteline comes with Knack Trigger that lets you trigger the flow on create or update of knack records.

Functions now support variable selector

Let's understand this through the if function example. Suppose you want to use the byteline expression in function; all you need to do is hit the Copy Expression button. The expression can be copied using the "Copy expression" button. This button takes you to the variables tab. Once you click on a variable, it's copied to the clipboard, and then you're navigated back to the functions tab. Now you can paste the variable to any function.

Improved look & feel for the task dialogs

Byteline task dialogs have been improved to provide you with a slick modern look.

Bug Fixes

Lastly, we have fixed over 17 bugs in this release to make the Byteline platform more stable

Stay tuned for more great updates, and feel free to connect us for any doubts!