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Create, update & delete records in a single task

Byteline field mapper for update tasks.
Set Byteline update primary key

Easily choose matching fields to identify records to update

You can select multiple matching fields based on your use case. If an input record matches an existing record for all the matching fields, then it will be updated. Otherwise a new record is created.
Byteline loop over

Loop over multiple records with ease

Just pick the flow node to loop over
Byteline Update task

Advanced options
to update records


Advanced options
to delete records

Byteline Update task to handle data deleted at Source

Get Records

Easily get your records.
We perform pagination to read all of the records in your table with no limitation.


Byteline actually deletes, creates, and updates items directly. It also did not require a complex flow that would make it hard to pinpoint an error or be hard to maintain for low-code or no code clients.
Gira Wieczorek, Aleberry
Testimonial Gira


1 action / record
1 action / 100 records

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